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Facility Status

The existing building was built in 1990 with help from the Boxelder Job Corps. The foundation under the building only consists of footings that aren't below frost line. There is bare dirt below the floor of the building. During the spring and especially during wet years there is significant water under the dining and kitchen areas of the building. The water comes in from behind the back wall and runs under the building and drains out through a pipe that was placed near the south wall under the kitchen out to the road ditch.

Black mold (Stachybotrys and Penicillium/Aspergillus) along with other molds were detected and identified by 2 separate independent environmental specialist contractors, Environmental Air Systems & Horsley Specialties Inc.. The flooring, floor joists, joist caps, and sheet rock are all contaminated with black mold. This is noticeable inside the dining area, restroom area and underneath the building. Our insurance provider recommended we close the building to public use due to the health risks associated with high levels of airborne mold spores.

There was much discussion during fire department business meetings about the existing condition of the facility. Fixing the problem would require excavating behind the length of the building down below the level of the footing and constructing a drain system to keep moisture from getting under the building. After the water problem was fixed then the mold remediation process could be conducted. The opinion of the environmental specialists was the mold was probably throughout the majority of the sheet rock within the building. Preliminary bids indicated the cost to fix the water drainage problem and mitigate the structural damage would be at least $70,000. After all of this was completed there is no guarantee the mold wouldn't come back.

The building was built when the department had 2 apparatus and significantly less property and values to protect. The fire department has increased its capability over the years to include structural fire protection, water tender capability and emergency medical first responders. The existing facility doesn't have adequate room for the current apparatus and equipment we own. We have to store some of our equipment in the old underground facility on the east side of Highway 385. This isn't conducive for the utilization of this equipment such as the light plant we use during night operations.

In short we have outgrown our existing facility. The fire department does not think it is financially responsible to spend a significant amount of capital to fix a building that doesn't suit our purposes. There is also the possibility that the water and mold repair would not work.
The fire department proposes to build a new facility that is cost effective, efficient and low maintenance. This would position us to be as efficient and effective as possible well into the future.